SOLD OUT ! until September

Thanks to support of United Way of Fort McMurray our Clubhouse will be Full of KIDS, FREE of program fees until September 2nd 2016.

Enrolment is now closed.

And another BIG THANK YOU to those others who have made donations to FMBGC since the evacuation. Your outpouring of support and human kindness has been truly inspiring.

*PLEASE DO NOT USE THE PAYPAL portal to make a donation. Use only the CANADA HELPS portal or contact FMBGC for alternate ways to donate.

LISTEN TO THE CHILDREN: We are conducting, on a totally voluntary basis of course, individual counselling interviews with children to help them understand the experience they have been through and adjust to life back in Fort McMurray. We will compile a diary of the fire, the evacuation and the return home, as a chronicle of the impacts on them. This initiative is also being funded by United Way of Fort McMurray.

Welcome Home.  Together we are Making Children's Lives Better


A Good Place to Be   ...  Be yourself   ... Be amongst friends   ... and grow to Be happy and strong !