Almost all the time, summer "camp" means a bunch of kids are brought together for a schedule of play that typically includes a lot of time outdoors and some exposure to water [swimming pools, lakes, spray parks] and you know what .... that's great for kids. During the few hours of the day when "camp" is in session, the kids are generally kept safe and occupied such that parents can leave their children there in confidence... and that is great too for parents.

Over the summer months, The Club is open for younger children [ages 1-5yrs] in Licensed and Accredited Tiny Toes Day Care. We don't call this "camp" but it sure looks like it.  We are also open with our ZAP summer "camp" [and one of these days I will come up with another word besides "camp", but not today]. wherein our professional, certified child care staff deliver the same Licensed and Accredited quality positive child development programming as we always do, no matter the season. But, it is summer and that always means more time outdoors and exposure to water etc. and you know what ... that's always even greater for kids. We are also open for early drop off and later pick up [6:30 -6:30], and we offer fee subsidy for those parents who need it, and flexible weekly registration blocks, and parents cannot only leave their child with us in confidence that they will be safe and occupied, but also know that their children will be the recipients of the highest quality child care available anywhere ... and all that is even greater for parents.

You can register your children with us by visit to FMBGC Clubhouse or  
Email: prodirector@shaw.ca or Call 780-791-7775 ext 1

 Tiny Toes Day Care [ages 1-5] and
ZAP Summer Camp [5-12] 

And another BIG THANK YOU to those who have made donations to FMBGC since the evacuation. Your outpouring of support and human kindness has been truly inspiring.

*PLEASE DO NOT USE THE PAYPAL portal to make a donation. Use only the CANADA HELPS portal or contact FMBGC for alternate ways to donate.

Reaching out: To all of you who are posting ads for nannies and in home child care: may we suggest our Licensed and Accredited child care programs as an alternative. It won't cost you any more and your children will benefit greatly from Professional programming and care.

LISTEN TO THE CHILDREN: We will be offering, on a totally voluntary basis of course, individual counselling interviews with children to help them understand the experience they have been through and adjust to life back in Fort McMurray. We will compile a diary of the fire, the evacuation and the return home, as a chronicle of the impacts on them.

Come back to this page for more info: I will update often.
Welcome Home.  Stay safe.  Listen to the Children.


A Good Place to Be   ...  Be yourself   ... Be amongst friends   ... and grow to Be happy and strong !